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Wood Tubes

New, innovative, imagination provoking veneer tubes. Lenderink Technologies now offers wood tubes. These tubes, consisting of layers of laminations or wood veneer, are manufactured with an 1/8” wall, with tube diameters increasing in 1/2” increments from 1 1/2” to 6”. This lightweight product is unbelievably strong and very easy to work with. Cutting has been compared to cutting molding or trim. Cutting these tubes so that they intersect will open the doors to limitless opportunities. Uses consist of but are not limited to, edging for tables and shelves, end caps, containers, column & pole enclosures, and much more. Exterior finish is comparable to other woods and come in a wide range wood species. Exotic wood veneer species are available as well.

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NEW! Fold or Mold is a NEW 3D Core material to enhance the 3D wood veneer.
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